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What is the Minimum Wage in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan (SK), Canada Minimum Wage:

$9.50 per hour

Saskatchewan's minimum wage is $9.50 per hour. A total of 9 Canadian provinces or territories have a minimum wage rate higher then Saskatchewan.

A full time hourly worker in Saskatchewan earning minimum wage will earn a total of $380.00 per week and approximately $19,760.00 per year (based on an 8-hour work day and a 260-day work year). Remember that, with tax deductions, the actual amount earned will likely be lower.

Saskatchewan Minimum Wage & Labor Law

The Saskatchewan Minimum Wage is applicable to all employees, with no exceptions for age or experience. The SK Minimum wage will next be reviewed and potentially raised by the provincial government by December 31, 2013. The Saskatchewan minimum wage is reviewed at least once every two years, as mandated by the Saskatchewan Labour Standards Act.

Saskatchewan Minimum Call-Out Pay - Most employees are entitled to at least three hours of pay every time they are called to work by their employer, even if their shift is under three hours long or there is not enough work for the employee to stay at work for over three hours. Thus every employee who reports to work is guaranteed at least $28.50 (the minimum call-out pay). There are certain employees who are not eligible for minimum call-out pay in Saskatchewan, including the following:

  1. students in Grade 12 or lower during the school term;
  2. janitors, caretakers, and building cleaners;
  3. school bus drivers; and
  4. noon hour supervisors employed by a school board.
Employees who are not eligible for minimum call-out pay are only paid for the hours they work if they are called in to their job for under three hours.

What is the Minimum Wage?

The Saskatchewan Minimum Wage is the lowest hourly wage employers in Saskatchewan can legally pay their employees. The minimum wage is set by the Saskatchewan government and is periodically updated to reflect the current cost of living and ensure that all workers are paid a fair living wage.

What if my employer is paying me less then the Minimum Wage?

Unless your job is covered by one of Saskatchewan's legal exemptions to the minimum wage described above, your employer is legally required to pay you at least the hourly minimum wage of $9.50 per hour. If you believe your employer is illegally paying you less then the Saskatchewan minimum wage, contact the Saskatchewan Department of Labor immediately and they will advocate on your behalf.

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